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Today is my last day in Farmington. Although it didn’t have such a good start it has a great ending. When I heard about transitional housing at New Beginnings, I did what it took to get in. My son and I really needed somewhere stable so I could get back on my feet.

While at New Beginnings I did a lot more than I ever thought I could do. I finished school, got a job, made fresh contacts with my family (my support system), made new friends, all while continuing domestic violence counseling for myself and my son, and attending the parenting program at Childhaven. New Beginnings allowed me to work my own program to make a better life and increase my self-worth."

– Jessica

The New Beginnings shelter has become a lifeline in a time where I had no other resource. Before we came here, I was rotating my kids between friends and acquaintances couches to keep ahead of my ex. I was avoiding him, as he continued to disrespect my restraining orders after his violent sexual assault on me and emotional and physical abuse on both of my children.

I was very sick and could hardly dream of building a future when I did not even know what the next 24 hours could bring for us. I was constantly looking over my shoulders, avoiding appointments that had any sort of pattern, I was having chronic issues with my seizures and depression and anxiety.

Since being accepted into the program, I can say that I have made a 180 degree turn. My family and I feel very secure. We have sought counseling but just knowing that we have a support team and we have the time to get back on our feet. My children can be children without facing any sort of negative feedback and this is a great resource that is so valuable to an adult who grew up in abuse.

I am gently guided in routines that keep me moving towards my goals and I find myself very thankful for the staff every day. I don’t think I could have made the same strides towards success without the shelter here at New Beginnings provides for women and children."

- Chenisse

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