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New Beginnings Childcare Center (NBCC) serves our most vulnerable children and families, focusing on those who have experienced trauma. Staff is trained in the core principles of childhood traumatic stress.

NBCC embeds a trauma-informed approach and trauma-specific interventions to facilitate healing.

Staff work toward re-establishing trusting relationships between parent/child.

Call 505-787-2452 or email Melissa for additional information.

Out of School Program

New Beginnings is helping youth to re-engage, reconnect and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. This fall we will be expanding our program so children can receive schoolwork help, tutoring and mentoring while in a supervised and safe environment.

Childcare services and out of school program operations have been modified due to COVID-19.

Call 505-787-2452 or email Melissa for enrollment information and hours of operation.


You can apply by downloading the application and emailing it to the Childcare Center Site Supervisor, Red Dawn or mailing it to the Po Box listed on the application.

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